Tuesday, January 30, 2007

couple of sketches...

got some sketches here..one was a spidey anime style a la Danny Phantom and some hand and arm studies from my old sketchbook.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wolverine from 88'

I was rumaging around some of my old stuff and came across a sketch book I forgot
I had from WAY back when. It had various sketches in it some crappy some pretty cool.
And some I plan on a before and after theme. Anyway, like some of you I was
a HUGE Wolverine fan and I got inspired from another comic character and thought...
this would make a cool pose for Wolverine. (I think it was a Spiderman pose) not sure
but I think it was.

Friday, January 19, 2007

white water rapids!

Here's another sketch I did back in the day! I like the "danger" of it if you will. This was done during a time when I was or felt I was really on point when it came to drawing Disney characters. However, Disney said at the time to "soften" the fishes teeth up some.

Friday, January 12, 2007

old sketches..

It's been six years since I left my old job and a buddy of mine (jesse's sketchpad) kept an abundant amount disney sketches I did back then and noticed that they used a lot of my ideas for their own styleguides/supplements...ain't nothing sacred?!...just kidding...it just tells me that the must of really like my stuff...however the one's you see here were based on a space exploration theme they created and we just ran with creating some new poses and ideas...hope you like. I'll be postin' some more

oh yeah quick family update..for some of you that don't know...we're expecting our second child (another girl) in April...now I'm really outnumbered! But it's all good and I'm excited and very happy..I just gotta re-new my membership to DWS....(Dads with Shotguns!)...you out there know what I'm talkin about! Peace!!